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Shepherds of Parshat Ki Teitzei
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Hart Levine, who helps foster grassroots Jewish experiences on campuses through The Heart 2 Heart Project, explains an interpretation of Ki Teitzei that talks about reconnecting to wayward members of your flock, not of livestock, but of your Jewish community.
Parshat Eikev – More Than Just Manna
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Why can’t we complain if it was designed to be a challenge? This week, Rabbi David Katz, director of MMY, takes a deeper look at the manna to teach us an important lesson about appreciating Hashem and what we have, and how to find blessing even during challenges.
Parshat Devarim – A Place of Love
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No matter what, I still love you…. Devorah Jaye, Atlantic Seaboard, New England and Southern NCSY, and current MEOR Maryland Assistant DIrector, introduces us to Sefer Devarim, as well as how it relates to this time of year, NCSY, to teach us an important message about staying inspired even during the darkest times.