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Amalek: Blurring the Terms
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Right after the commandment to have just weights and measures comes the Parsha of destroying Amalek. What is the connection? Why does the Torah use the term tzedek in the context of honest measurements?
Masei: On the Move in One Place
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Parshat Maasei, which is always read during the three weeks, follows a pattern of galus-Eretz Yisrael-galus-Eretz Yisrael. Why does Rashi need to tell us the reason for giving the boundaries of the Land of Israel, all countries need boundaries?
Matos: Coping with Exceptions
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Matot is always read during the three weeks, what is the connection between nedarim and the churban? The Maharal explains why Chazal tell us both that making nedarim is a good thing and a bad thing. What is the purpose of a neder?
Chukas: Theory to Reality
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“זאת התורה אדם כי ימות באהל” Why is Torah only acquired by one who is “ממית עצמו עליו”? Why is the reference to sacrificing oneself for Torah Study placed in the quintessential chok – Parah Adumah?