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Ki Teitzei 5779
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Emes L’Yaakov on why the various laws pertaining to marriage are placed in Ki Teitzei (and Sefer Devarim). Download the mekorot Delivered at the OU Israel Center, September 12, 2019 (12 Elul 5779)
Naso and Shavuot 5779
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Shem MiShmuel: On the verse “עלית למרום שבית שבי” the midrash comments that the luchot were six tefachim: Moshe held on to the bottom two tefachim and Hashem, as it were, held on to the top two tefachim. What is the message of this midrash? What do the 3 sections represent? The Haftarah for Naso […]