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Sharing the Greatness
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Yaakov gives each of his sons a tailored bracha then at the end the verse implies that he includes all of the sons in each blessing. Why didn’t he simply include them all in 1 bracha? How does this signify the end of the patriarchal era and the beginning of the Jewish nation?
Yosef HaTzadik
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Who is Yosef? Why is he the transition between the era of the forefathers and the formation of Bnei Yisrael? Why does he earn the appalation Yosef HaTzadik?
Noach and Avraham
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Why do Chazal always compare Noach and Avraham? What do each of them represent? How does Avraham’s reaction to the plan to destroy Sodom compare to Noach’s reaction to the plan to destroy the world?