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The Mysterious Cherubim of Shlomo Hamelech
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Moshe is told to make 2 kruvim on each end of the kaporet. The next pasuk says the same thing – to place one on each side. Why does the Torah repeat itself? The poles of the Aron are the only poles that couldn’t be removed yet they weren’t even needed – the Midrash says […]
The Imposter of the Rambam and Living in Egypt Today
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“כי אשר ראיתם את מצרים היום לא תוסיפו לראותם עוד עד עולם…” When the Rambam signed letters he signed it as “Moshe ben Maimon who every day of his life violates three transgressions” because he lived in Egypt. The Rambam lists it as one of the 613 mitzvot. Yet many gedolim including the Bet Yosef lived in Egypt! Ten answers […]