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How Does Tzedakah Given L’Ilui Nishmas Work?
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Discussion of how a child’s conduct can bring reward to a parent after the parent’s passing.  Chinuch viewed as an investment that gives dividends for years to come.  Discussion of giving tzedakah l’ilui nishmas a person unrelated to the giver, and who didn’t influence the giver. Insights into Yizkor, encompassing tefillah and tzedakah for the […]
Tzedakah’s Power to Save
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Tzedakah’s power is just one of a myriad factors that goes into Hashem’s unknowable calculation of how to run His world with respect to you.   Tzedakah has the power to save, but other forces also affect the outcome. Analysis of mitzvas tzedakah and how ayin hara might take effect. Tzedaka after death. Citations: In […]