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Sefer Yonah #8
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Thisi shiur is sponsored by Rav Yehoshua & Yocheved Bienenfeld לע”נ חיה אסתר בת ישראל משה Winkler Delivered at the OU Israel Center, March 5th, 2018
Mishlei 29:17 – Spare the Rod
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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, March 4th, 2018 (17 Adar 5778) This shiur is sponsored by Mel and Pessy Krausz David. Please join us at the OU Israel Center in wishing Mel a refuah shleima Menachem Mendel ben Toba Rivka.
The Value of Having a Cosmic Imagination
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Being concerned for the suffering Hashem experiences when we sin. Discussion of disrespecting a Rov by learning when he gives a drosha, and of learning Torah sheets during davening. Were we to have a cosmic imagination,we would see the effects of our deeds and it would change our lives. Discussion of the unity of Torah she-biksav and Torah she-bi-al peh.  Discussion of […]