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Are the External Trappings of Yiddishkeit Helpful?
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Unlimited Torah contrasted with mitzvos.   The mother’srole: enabling aspirations. The real world is in Heaven where Hashem and His Torah and Chochmah are most easily discerned.   Mitzvos anchor a person to Hashem.  Discussion of the trappings of Judaism and the innards of a Jew.  The intended impact upon seeing a mezuzah.  The kedushah of Tefillin and the consequences of wearing them. Citations: Aside from the […]
Normalcy and Family Sacrifices for Torah
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When a person is dedicated to learning Torah constantly,every normal thing that needs his time is by definition an interruption.Discussion of what comprises “l’sheym shomayim?” Discussion of incremental growth.  Temporal and fleeting nature of feelings and the danger associated with acting based up on them.  Importance of maintaining the communal vision of the ideal of full time Torah learning. […]