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Erasing Stains from the Souls of the Departed
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A child’s tzedakah which is the result of the parent’s successful chinuch and contrasted with strangers dedicating the reward of their tzedakah towards any deceased person. Various interpretations of the two “tzedakah tatzil” verses. Redeeming a deceased person from having to stand in judgment for sins, or for a lack of positive mitzvos, by giving […]
Can it be Good to be Cruel?
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The characteristic of cruelty exists within everyone.  Natural maturation often facilitates cruel teenagers graduating into more sensitive adults.  Discussion of apparently kind acts which are actually cruel.  Overcoming addictions requires showing self-cruelty to be successful.  Permission to ignore responsibilities towards my parents and children to further the family’s limud HaTorah is actually the license to invoke bitachon for others. Citations:  This shiur cites Orchos Tzadikim sha’ar Achzariyus and Klei Yakar Devarim […]