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The Role of Torah in the Struggle to Avoid Arayos
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Mishlei 5:19-20 The drive for forbidden conjugal relationships is rooted in fantasy and delusion. Clarity of perception is critical to reducing the pull of ta’avah. A person who observes the laws of yichud and who takes careful precautions to avoid ordeals in arayos appears to the outsider as very much pre-occupied in this area, but […]
The OU’s Shoshana Grossman Nach Yomi Calendar for 2015-2017
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Page 1: December 2015-May 2016 (Joshua 1-Isaiah 20) Page 2: June 2016-November 2016 (Isaiah 21-Micah 5) Page 3: December 2016-May 2017 (Micah 6-Proverbs 2) Page 4: June 2017-December 2017 (Proverbs 3-II Chronicles 36) Or download the PDF! Also of interest, the OU’s Tanach pamphlet! NEW!! Download a Timeline of the Period of Nach! And last, […]