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Taking Responsibility Locally and Cosmically
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Analysis of the blessing for those were serve the community. Discussion of ruling in halacha when unqualified, and abstaining from it when duly qualified.  Taking responsibility for each other.  Sfas Emes on Yisro’s joining the Jewish people.  The cosmic power of Klal Yisroel.  Closeness to Hashem is due to the responsibility we accepted at Mount Sinai.  Teshuva subsequent to sin has […]
Teshuvah from Causing Hurt Feelings
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Discussion of whether or not repentance from theft of money also requires asking forgiveness for the hurt feelings caused. Responsibility of a leader for his flock.  The problem of, and solution for, a leader being preoccupied with prestige. Citations: Aside from the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur cites Gemara Yoma 87a, Rabbeinu Yonah Shaarei Teshuva Shaar daled, #18,19 and Shaar […]