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Getting the Most Out of Torah
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Occasional leisure versus living a life of hevel.  Identification of yetzer hara (alone) versus actually waging war against it.  Discussion of the qualities and attributes that Torah learning gives you directly (such as chochmah and binah), versus that which Torah learning facilitates you to acquire if you invest effort in the derivative opportunity, such as middos-improvement.  Discussion of Torah as a man’s beloved, and its […]
Can It Be Good to Hate?
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Discussion of the vexation we feel when we encounter Torah sources that demand that we hate evil and act with force for Hashem’s honor.  Discussion of our propensity to compartmentalize and “forget” moments of inspiration and elevation, such that they don’t affect the rest of our lives.  Hashem’s lesson to Eliyahu HaNovi.  Contrast of Elisha HaNovi and Shmuel HaNovi in their connection to the people. […]
The Mishnah: Purposely Puzzling or Profoundly Precise?
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Rav Hutner’s explanation of how Torah she-bi-al peh was preserved;written code needing a verbal “password.” Contrasting explanation relayed by theson of the Vilna Gaon and others; Chazal can “darshen” the text of the Mishnah.Discussion of drashos.  In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur references theShlah HaKadosh, Klalei HaTalmud 10, klal 30.