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Overview of the End of Mishlei Chapter 6
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Review of the end of Mishlei chapter 6.  Discussion of the multiple intentions and mindsets of people pursuing their lust.  Camouflaging ta’avah through polish and sophistication.  Historical obscuration of the animal nature of lust, contrasted with contemporary culture’s movement in the opposite direction, such that the gross is now the ambience. CITATIONS: This shiur references […]
Do Tsitsis Protect Us?
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Mitzvas tsitsis demands that we use our imagination. Mitzvah structure is always meant to carry the heart along, not to substitute for it.  Uniquely Jewish clothing is supposed to reflect our connection to Hashem, but it can deteriorate into a social matter.  Observing the structure of a mitzvah without any emotional investment can itself be […]
Finite Mitzvos, Infinite Torah
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Some comments about learning Kabbalah in general, and how it relates to nigleh.  The world as a dwelling place for Shechinah, and the effects of people’s sins.  Shechinah identified as the sefirah of Malchus.  A discussion of Tikkun Olam.   Individuality and creativity within mitzvah-observance and Torah learning.  The unbounded nature of Torah. Citations: This shiur […]