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Does Serious Torah Learning Entail Selfishness?
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Life lessons from the ant.  Zerizus without confusion. Importance of learning the horizontal breadth of Torah as preparation for being able to plumb the vertical depths of Torah. Prioritizing learning over caring for one’s family.  Contradictory statements about the propriety of deflecting one’s home-based responsibilities for the sake of learning. Citations: Aside from the commentaries on Mishlei, […]
Can Judges Disregard Testimony?
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 Giving advice and giving psak halachah.  Different understandings of “Ain l’dayan ela ma she–aynav ro’os.” Is the repermission to err when trying hard?  Is there justification to reject afalsified case, even without proof? Importance of dayanim ignoring the baalei dinim’s outside track record of honesty. Citations: Aside from the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur citesRambam Hilchos Sanhedrin 23:8-10, Teshuvos HaRosh klal 107, 6thsiman, Gemara Baba Basra 8b with […]