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Finding the Light of Your Soul (Mishlei 20:27)
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The neshama, symbolized by a flame, is that which can understand what is truly in us. This is what makes repentance possible. Chazal bring 2 pragmatic examples of how the soul is compared to a candle. Delivered at the OU Israel Center, June 3rd, 2018 (20 Sivan 5778) This shiur is sponsored by Mel and […]
Kabbalah, Free Choice
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The pre-requisites for proper understanding of Kabbalah are nearly impossible to achieve.  Our desire to gain this profound knowledge often leads to inaccurate notions.  Chassidic sefarim often blend together nigleh and nistar without any demarcation.  Kabalistic terms and references are always used without explaining them!  A mesorah is required. The enduring legacy of a tzadik, […]