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Never Satisfied
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Distinctions between desires for wealth and honor, versus those for the fulfillment of bodily appetites. Putting self-improvement on the agenda.   Discussion of serving Hashem with both the yetzer hatov and yetzer hara. Citations: In addition to the commentaries on Mishlei, this shiur also references Aruch LaNer, Makkos 24a, Gemara Shabbos 114a, and Shulchan Aruch Choshen […]
Overview of the End of Mishlei Chapter 6
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Review of the end of Mishlei chapter 6.  Discussion of the multiple intentions and mindsets of people pursuing their lust.  Camouflaging ta’avah through polish and sophistication.  Historical obscuration of the animal nature of lust, contrasted with contemporary culture’s movement in the opposite direction, such that the gross is now the ambience. CITATIONS: This shiur references […]