Psalms 145:15

עֵינֵי כֹל אֵלֶיךָ יְשַׂבֵּרוּ וְאַתָּה נוֹתֵן לָהֶם אֶת-אָכְלָם בְּעִתּוֹ

The eyes of all look to You hopefully and You give them their food in its proper time.

The Radak explains that G-d created all of the creatures in the world and He created each of their forms of sustenance. These can vary wildly – some creatures eat grass, others eat seeds, while still others eat one another. Nevertheless, all of them depend upon G-d to survive and they place their hopes in Him. (Even though animals are not sentient, they still turn to G-d in a manner consistent with their natures.) The verse says that G-d gives them their food “in its proper time” (in the singular) is because each species is different and each one’s needs has its own unique schedule.