Isaiah 11:6

The wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid; the calf, the lion and the ox together, and a small child will lead them.

The Radak presents two ways this verse can be understood. The first is literally, that in the Messianic era G-d will change the nature of carnivorous animals so that they become herbivores. There is actually precedent for this from the time of Noah. After all, what did the lions and wolves eat during their year on the ark? Certainly not the goats and the sheep! Rather, G-d temporarily suspended their carnivorous nature for the duration and He can do so again in Messianic times. The second understanding – preferred by the Radak – is that this verse is a metaphor. The lion, wolf and leopard refer to evil people who prey on the innocent, while the lamb and kid are humble people. In Messianic times, people will not mistreat or take advantage of one another. Animals will continue to be carnivorous – except in Israel, since Leviticus 26:6 says that there will be no dangerous animals in Israel in the Messianic era.