I Kings 10:1

וּמַלְכַּת-שְׁבָא שֹׁמַעַת אֶת שֵׁמַע שְׁלֹמֹה לְשֵׁם ה' וַתָּבֹא לְנַסֹּתוֹ בְּחִידוֹת

The Queen of Sheba heard of Shlomo’s fame in the Name of G-d, so she came to test him with riddles.

The Talmud in Baba Basra (15b) says that anyone who thinks the Queen of Sheba was a woman is mistaken. The correct translation of the words “malkas Sheva,” they tell us, is “the kingdom of Sheba.” In other words, news of Shlomo’s greatness had reached the land of Sheba, so they sent a delegation to see if he really was all they had heard.