Exodus 15:18

ה' יִמְלֹךְ לְעֹלָם וָעֶד

Hashem will reign forever and ever.

Continuing pesukei d’zimra, the morning verses of praise

Onkelos, in his Aramaic paraphrase of this short verse, makes two significant changes. First, he changes “yimloch” (a verb, “to reign”) for “malchusei” (a noun, “His kingdom”), concretizing the thing over which Hashem reigns. Second, he changes “l’olam va’ed” (“forever”) to “l’olam u’l’olmei omaya,” indicating that it is not only a future phenomenon but it is going on now. Perhaps Onkelos on this verse is best rendered “Hashem: His Kingdom endures in this world and forevermore.”