Psalms – Chapter 96

Tell 'em All

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Moses continues his instructions, that we should sing to G-d. Here, he says that the world should sing a “new song” to G-d. (The Radak clarifies that this refers to the Messianic era, when the whole world will recognize and serve G-d.) We should all bless the Name of G-d and tell of His salvation every day. Tell the whole world of His glory and His wonders.

Tell all the nations how great G-d is and how He is exalted over all His heavenly creations. The “gods” of the nations are literally nothing, but G-d actually created the universe! Strength and glory are at His disposal and make themselves evident to observers.

The nations of the world are encouraged to ascribe to G-d the honor He deserves and to bring offerings to Him in the Temple (which was open to everyone, not just Jews). Bow down to Him in that holy place and be in awe of His greatness. Declare worldwide that G-d rules all. He has firmly established the world so that it cannot moved.

In the Messianic era, G-d will judge each nation for their deeds, and He will do so fairly. The Heavens and the Earth, all the way down to the fish in the sea, will sing G-d’s praises. The animals in the field and the trees in the forest will sing to G-d when He judges the world with both compassion and truth.

This is the second of the six Psalms recited Friday nights as part of Kabbalas Shabbos (Welcoming the Sabbath).

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