Psalms – Chapter 91

In Good Hands

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Moses continues: the person who seeks refuge in G-d will dwell in G-d’s protective “shadow.” Moses calls G-d his refuge and his fortress from all forms of danger; he places his trust in G-d. G-d saves people from traps that treacherous ones have set for them. He shelters people beneath His “wings,” using His truth (that is, the Torah) as a suit of impenetrable armor. If you put your faith in G-d, you won’t have to fear the unknown at night or obvious threats by day. One person can conquer a thousand if G-d is on the side of the one! (Compare and contrast with Deut. 32:30.)

You will see the destruction of the wicked, Moses says, because you have made G-d your refuge. No harm will befall you and yours, as G-d will command His angels to protect you. They will carry you in the palms of their hands so that you do not suffer injury. Neither wild animals nor snakes will be able to harm you. (Picture the logo of a well-known insurance company. You’re in even better hands with G-d.)

Because such a person has desired a relationship with G-d, He will save him. Because this person recognizes G-d, He will elevate him. Because this person calls on G-d, G-d answers him. G-d is with him in his times of trouble and He gives him honor when trouble passes. This person will enjoy a long (or fulfilling) life and he will see G-d’s salvation.

This Psalm, Yosheiv B’seiser, immediately follows the preceding Psalm in the Shabbos and post-Shabbos services.

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