Psalms – Chapter 63


By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

David composed this Psalm when he was fleeing Saul’s pursuits, in the desert of Judah. According to the Radak, this was the area of Ziff. Accordingly, this would seem to refer to the incident in I Samuel 26, in which the people of Ziff reported on David to Saul a second time.

David says that he seeks G-d and that he longs for Him, body and soul. The land where David was hiding was barren; David wishes to “see” G-d as a person in this dry land hopes for water. The kindness that G-d bestows upon the righteous in the Next World far surpasses anything that this world has to offer. David will praise G-d with his very life and always raise his hands in prayer to G-d. If G-d will just grant David the opportunity to do this, his soul will be satisfied, like the body is with food and drink.

When David is free of the distractions of the day, he can fully concentrate on G-d, which he does at night. G-d protected David, who sings to Him. All David’s soul desires is to be close to G-d. As for David’s enemies, who seek his life, they will sink to the lowest depths of the Earth (possibly referring to Hell). Ultimately, Saul will be felled by his own sword (as in fact happened in I Samuel 31) and his men will become prey to foxes.

David will rejoice in G-d and others will be drawn to Him when they see how He has saved David. Those who swear falsely in G-d’s name will be silenced.

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