Psalms – Chapter 61

"Put Me On a Rock"

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

According to the introductory note, this Psalm was accompanied by an instrument called the neginas.

David asks G-d to hear his prayer, as he calls out from the end of the land. The commentators differ as to exactly where is meant, but apparently it is some place outside of Israel, either during a military campaign or when David was on the run from Saul. David is utterly drained and he asks G-d to metaphorically place him on a high rock that he could otherwise never reach. G-d has always been David’s protection and his source of strength in the face of his enemies. David will always feel secure in G-d’s protection.

David says that G-d has heard his promises of the things he would do if G-d saved him; he is committed to fulfilling them. David now hopes to return home to Israel and Jerusalem, where he prays he will live an appropriate lifespan. He hopes to reign before G-d, protected by G-d’s kindness and truth. David will respond with Psalms of praise to G-d and keeping all the promises he made to G-d in his times of need.

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