Psalms – Chapter 44

Tzavei Yeshuos Yaakov

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

The author says to G-d that those of us who were not yet around to witness His miracles on our behalf have heard about them from our fathers. G-d cleared the way before our ancestors and planted them firmly in the land. Our ancestors did not acquire the land because they were the mightiest warriors, but because G-d fought their battles and gave the land to them. Only G-d is king; may He order that Israel be redeemed! (This may be familiar as the song “Tzavei Yeshuos Yaakov.”)

Yes, we have handed our enemies some bitter defeats, but that is all thanks to G-d. We can’t put any faith in our own weapons or prowess, because only G-d can save us from our foes. We will continuously praise Him and thank Him forever!

In exile, it would seem as if we have lost G-d’s support; we are trounced by the enemy, but we will still praise and thank Him. The nation is in a shameful, humiliated state, mocked by oppressors. Nevertheless, they do not forget G-d or abandon our covenant with Him. Even when G-d allows us to be beaten down, we do not abandon Him in favor of idols. G-d is all-knowing; He would be aware if we even considered such a thing (which we haven’t!). We are prepared to sacrifice our very lives for G-d, if need be. But we ask that G-d rouse Himself and act against our oppressors. We humble ourselves before Him and ask that He redeem us with His attribute of kindness.

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