Psalms – Chapter 43

Same Sons-of-Korach Time, Same Sons-of-Korach Channel!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

The author (again the sons of Korach, quoted by David) asks G-d to judge him, find him worthy, and then avenge his mistreatment at the hand of his oppressors, whom he calls a nation lacking the attribute of kindness. Furthermore, they are two-faced hypocrites, hiding their inherent cruelty behind a facade of benevolence. G-d championed our cause in the past; why doesn’t He do so now? Why must our generation seemingly “go it alone?” Please, G-d, send Your light to guide us! (Rashi and others suggest that “light” refers to Moshiach – the Messiah – as per Psalm 132:17.)

G-d’s light and truth will lead us back to His presence, the Temple mount. (Rashi says that “truth” refers to Eliyahu – the prophet Elijah – who will accompany Moshiach.) When he reaches G-d’s altar, the author says he will sing praises to Him, with musical accompaniment on the harp.

Continuing the theme of the previous Psalm, the author asks his soul why it is depressed. Expect G-d to redeem us, show us the way, and reveal His strength to our oppressors.

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