Psalms – Chapter 149

A New Song

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

David says that, even though the Book of Psalms is nearly through, we should all continue to compose and sing new songs of praise to G-d. The Jews should rejoice in He Who made them and selected them as His special nation. They should praise Him with all forms of instruments, both percussion and string.

G-d desires the service of His people and He grants them salvation. The pious will even praise G-d in their sleep, as they slumber soundly without any worries or fears. The praises of G-d are as powerful in their hands as a double-edged sword is in the hand of a warrior. The praises they sing will empower them to avenge themselves on those who have oppressed them; the nations will receive the punishments foretold for them in the Books of the Later Prophets (Rashi refers specifically to Ezekiel). G-d is a source of glory towards His devoted, so they should praise Him!

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