Psalms – Chapter 135

Praise Him!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

David tells all the faithful, who visit the Temple, to praise G-d. G-d has selected Israel as His people and He is their G-d, not idols. Anything He desires is done, in Heaven, on Earth and in the seas. He causes clouds to rise, lightning to flash, and wind to blow.

G-d redeemed the Jews from Egypt following the slaying of the first-born. He wrought many plagues there on Israel’s behalf, then He defeated Sichon, Og and the 31 Canaanite kings. The land of these conquered nations was given to the Jews.

G-d’s might will always be as it was in these past events. Ultimately, He will judge the world and redeem Israel from exile. The other nations worship lifeless lumps that have no power, the handiwork of sculptors. They will eventually become as powerless as their idols. On the other hand, the Jews, who worship the Living G-d, will bless the One Who manifests His Presence at the Temple.

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