Psalms – Chapter 105

How We Got To Where We Are

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

David says to thank G-d and to call out in His Name, publicizing His deeds among the nations of the world. Play instruments and sing of His wonders. Rejoice in G-d and always seek Him out. Recall His miracles, which He used to redeem the nation from Egyptian bondage.

The Jews are descended from Abraham, who faithfully served G-d, and Jacob, all of whose children followed in his footsteps. Hashem is both our G-d and Ruler of the entire world. He keeps His word to His people, that they would inhabit the land of Israel so long as they follow His Torah. This He established with the forefathers in the early days of the nation, when they were just a large, nomadic family. Even then, G-d did not allow harm to befall them. In the days of Jacob, G-d caused a famine, so that the Tribes would be forced to go to Egypt. G-d had sent Joseph ahead of them; he started as a slave and rose to a position of prominence, so he was able to assist his family when they arrived. And the Jews became very prosperous in Egypt.

Eventually, the Egyptians turned on the Jews and enslaved them. In response, G-d sent Moses and Aaron to bring about the plagues, including darkness, blood, frogs, wild animals, lice, hail, locusts, and death of the first-born.The Jews left with silver and gold, but by that time the Egyptians were just glad they left so that the plagues would stop. G-d led the Jews with a cloud by day and flame by night. He fed them with manna (daily) and quail (on request), as well as water gushing from a rock. He did all this because of the promise He made to the faithful Abraham.

And so, G-d led the Jews out of Egypt in great song. They inherited the land inhabited by the Canaanite nations, where they could observe the Torah and serve Him. For all this, praise G-d!

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