Proverbs – Chapter 8

The Torah Says

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Solomon says that the Torah proclaims its merits as if calling out in a loud voice from a high vantage point. Torah practically grabs us by the lapels and says, “Pay attention! If you listen to me, I’ll teach you amazing things! Every word is utter truth because falsehood is detestable to me! My teachings are more valuable than silver and gold! Nothing is more valuable than wisdom! But wisdom alone can lead to being deceitful, so you also need moral teachings to drive away the temptation to do evil. If you have awe of G-d, you will despise acts of evil, as well as arrogance, ego, slander and all other forms of wickedness. I bring you sound reasoning and good advice, which give a person strength.”

The narrative that Solomon gives speaking as if he were the Torah continues: Kings and princes rule justly through the wisdom of Torah, which reciprocates the love it receives. Those who seek Torah will find it and benefit from it more than through riches. Torah leads the way down the paths of righteousness and justice. Torah is a great inheritance and it enriches those who love it.

Torah was in G-d’s “mind” before the Earth was formed; it predates the depths, the water and the mountains, as well as the dust of the land. Torah was there when G-d made the Heavens and spread out the sky. When He spread out the world, Torah was by His side, like a beloved child playing near its parent. (The Torah was in its “youth” during the early days of mankind, before Abraham.) Now that the Torah has been given, pay attention to what it has to say and you will be wise. The person who pays careful attention to listen to Torah is fortunate.

One who has found Torah has found life and also finds favor before G-d. To go against Torah’s teachings damages one’s own soul and ultimately leads to his spiritual demise.

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