Proverbs – Chapter 2

Dead End

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Solomon speaks on behalf of G-d: “If you accept My wisdom and listen to My commandments, seeking understanding like you would treasure, then you will achieve knowledge of G-d.” G-d is the source of wisdom and knowledge, which He saved up until He dispensed it in the form of the Torah. G-d’s wisdom is a source of protection for the just. When people pursue and acquire wisdom, they will understand what it means to follow the good path.

Those who attain this wisdom will find their new knowledge to be pleasant for their souls; it will guard them from the path of evil and from those who would corrupt them. There are, after all, those who delight in evil, not only for profit, but for its own sake. There’s no logic to it; they’re simply perverse. Heresy (compared here to a “foreign woman”) is particularly enticing, but wisdom can save one from the lure. To follow “her” leads to a dead end – literally! Those who go that way perish in this world and the Next. On the other hand, if one follows the path of wisdom, it leads to righteousness. The upright will dwell securely, while the evil will be uprooted

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