Micah – Chapter 3

Profits for Prophets

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Micah told the leaders of the Jewish people to shape up and to fix things. They love corruption, not only for profit, but for its own sake. They metaphorically steal the very skin and flesh of the people. They’re like cannibals, cooking the people in pots and feasting upon them. When these leaders cry out to G-d, He won’t listen to them. He will allow the enemy to treat them as they treated others.

Next, Micah delivered G-d’s word about the false prophets. They feed on the animals given them by their adherents while they foretell only good things. If someone doesn’t feed them, then they predict doom. Things will go dark for these fakers; they will be ashamed when their predictions prove false. Micah, however, has no such fears as he really does speak G-d’s word and he’s “telling it like it is,” whether or not it’s what people want to hear.

So, listen up, you corrupt leaders of the people! You build your fortunes through violence and oppressions. The judges take bribes and even the kohanim (priests) teach Torah for a price (meaning that they interpret it as the person paying would like). False prophets promise peace for profits (hence the title of this synopsis) and no one thinks that there will ever be any repercussions. Because of these crooked leaders, Jerusalem will be plowed like a field, the buildings will be razed and the site of the Temple will be overgrown.

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