Job – Chapter 35

Use Your Brain

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Elihu took another breath so Job could soak all this in. Then he continued:

“Do you think it’s normal for you to claim to be more righteous than G-d? Do you really think one’s lot is the same whether he’s a sinner or a saint? I’ll answer both you and your three friends, who were left speechless by your arguments. Look up at the Heavens – see how high they are? Try to grasp how exalted G-d is. No matter how much you may sin, do you think it can possibly affect Him? Conversely, even if you’re very righteous, do you think you’re giving Him anything? Your actions only impact on other human beings, not on G-d.”

“Many people cry out to G-d because they are oppressed by others, who do not fear Him. But G-d has given us a greater capacity for wisdom than He has given His other creatures, so let’s use it. We see the oppressed cry out and G-d may not answer them immediately. Well, you, Job, are not being oppressed by man, but by G-d Himself, yet you complain that He doesn’t come down here and answer you in person? You should just state your case and wait for His reply, in His own due time. Just be aware that what you’ve endured so far is nothing compared to what one’s sins truly deserve; G-d is graciously overlooking many of them. You, Job, simply don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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