Isaiah – Chapter 63

The Good Old Days

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Someone is coming from Edom, which is Rome, wearing clothes soiled in battle, and from Batzra girded in strength. It’s G-d, Who said previously (34:5) that He would personally take care of Edom. Why are His clothes red? From “treading the wine press” of Edom by Himself. The day of vengeance was in G-d’s heart and the year of redemption has arrived. G-d trampled nations in His anger and brought them down to the ground.

Isaiah says he will praise G-d for His acts, reminding Israel of all the good that He has done for them. G-d saved them because they are His children. He redeemed them and carried them in the old days. However, they rebelled against Him and antagonized Him. The people remembered the old days, when Moses led them through the desert without stumbling. In those days, G-d guided the people.

Pray for G-d to look down upon us from Heaven. Where are His mighty deeds? He is holding back His love for us. Only G-d is our Father, as the Patriarchs did not live to see our generation. Why does G-d let us go astray and harden our hearts to Him? We only inherited the land and had the Temple for a short time before it was destroyed and we were exiled. (The Temple stood 410 years.) We became like a nation that never had that unique relationship with G-d. If G-d would come down to save as now as He did in Egypt, mountains would melt before Him!

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