Isaiah – Chapter 61

"I Didn't Say It - G-d Said It!"

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Isaiah relates that all the good things he has foretold are from G-d, Who placed His spirit on Isaiah in order to deliver His message. Isaiah’s mission is to announce freedom from the captivity. He declares a year of redemption and a day of vengeance (Radak says this refers to Gog and Magog). The mourners will be comforted and they will have glory instead of ashes, oil (for anointing, which is not permitted during mourning) and praise. They will be like huge trees of righteousness, planted by G-d.

The ruins will be rebuilt and desolate cities will be restored. People will come from other nations to tend the Jews’ sheep and work their fields. The Jews will be considered priests and servants of G-d; the other nations will bring tribute to the Temple.

Instead of profound shame and disgrace, the Jews will have eternal joy. This is because G-d loves justice. He does not accept offerings that were made from stolen property. He will pay the Jews their much-deserved reward and they will have an everlasting covenant. The Jews will be known among the nations as those whom G-d has blessed. Jerusalem and the nation will rejoice that G-d has wrapped them with garments of salvation and righteousness, adorned like the happy couple on their wedding day. G-d will cause righteousness and praise of Israel to sprout like the flora of a garden.

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