Isaiah – Chapter 56

A Prophecy for Converts

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d says to keep justice and to act charitably because His salvation is near and His righteousness will be revealed. Happy is the person who holds tight to Shabbos, being careful not to profane it. Let no convert think that G-d will keep him separate from the rest of the nation and let no eunuch think that life is pointless because he cannot have children. Because they keep Shabbos, G-d will give the eunuchs a better reward than sons and daughters; they will have an everlasting name (meaning that their merits will last forever). The converts who love G-d and join Him, keeping Shabbos and Torah, will be brought to the Temple, where they will rejoice in G-d’s acceptance of their prayers and sacrifices. The converts from the other nations will surpass the mightiest of those nations.

The leaders of Israel cannot see what is right in front of them, in order to encourage the people to return to G-d in time. They are silent, sleeping. They just want to satisfy their urges; they don’t understand what is coming. Each one does his own thing, partying today and expecting bigger and better partying tomorrow. (It won’t last!)

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