Isaiah – Chapter 52

G-d's Got Your Back

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Isaiah tells Jerusalem to “get up and get dressed,” because invaders will no longer be permitted to enter. Shake off the dust, get up off the ground and sit on your throne. Take off your bonds – you were sold as slaves but you’re not being redeemed for money; you repented and returned to G-d.

G-d says that Egypt oppressed the Jews, but at least they hosted the Jews prior to that and felt “owed.” Assyria didn’t even have a weak justification! The Jews were exiled for their sins, but they were abused and G-d’s Name was blasphemed. Now that He redeems them, His Name will be recognized.

Isaiah praises the footsteps of the messenger who ascends the mountain to announce the salvation. The watchmen of the cities will sing when they see G-d restore the Jews to Jerusalem. The ruins that were left from the exile will rejoice in Jerusalem’s restoration. G-d has revealed His might – all the nations will see His salvation.

Leave the places of exile. Purify yourselves to carry the vessels of the Temple. (This refers to the Levites, who carried the vessels of the Tabernacle in the desert when they left Egypt.) You won’t hurry as you did when you left Egypt, because you won’t fear anyone’s attack; G-d is guarding your backs. Israel will prosper and be exalted. Many people wondered about how beat down the Jews were; now kings will shut up when they see the Jews because it’s just so unbelievable!

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