Isaiah – Chapter 46

Really Unclean Idols

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Bel and Nevo, the idols of Babylonia, metaphorically soil themselves. They are like animals that “do their business” anywhere. They couldn’t get the job done and they have gone into captivity.

G-d tells Israel to listen to Him: He carries them from cradle to grave. G-d “gets the job done,” unlike those idols. Who is like G-d? People take silver and gold and turn them into an idol to worship. They carry it from place to place because it has no power to move. They call out to it, but it has no power to answer and it cannot save them.

Remember this and take it to heart: G-d is the only One, from beginning to end. His will alone will be done. He called Abraham (compared here to an eagle) from the East and He calls Cyrus. What He says, He will do. So, listen to G-d; salvation is en route and will arrive in its due time.

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