Isaiah – Chapter 26

A Song: Some Dead Will Live Again, Others Not

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

When G-d humbles Moav, the following song will be sung in Judah:

Jerusalem, which was our strength, will have salvation for support. Open the gates so that the righteous may enter. Those who relied on G-d will be shielded with peace for their faith. Trust in G-d forever because He is eternally steadfast. He brings down the high and mighty so that those who had been made poor (Israel) may walk over them. The path for the righteous is a direct route to their reward. We look forward to G-d rewarding the righteous and judging the evil. We longed for G-d while we were in exile (compared by Isaiah to nighttime), asking for the day He would render judgment. Should the wicked, who didn’t learn their lesson, be shown favor? They’re too full of themselves to see G-d. G-d’s hand has been taken away, so they do not see – let them see and they’ll be ashamed! They will be jealous of G-d’s relationship with Israel and their shame will consume them, like fire. G-d, please prepare peace for us because you have already paid us for our sins. We were ruled by “masters” other than G-d, but we only want Him. The evil will not see the Next World or the resurrection; they are utterly destroyed. G-d has added Torah and honor to Israel and He is honored in return. Even in bad times, we do not question G-d, turning instead to prayer. We were in pain like a woman in labor, but there was no salvation and the oppressors did not fall. May the righteous who died for G-d live again and praise Him. Look into your hearts and do introspection; do good deeds to protect yourself from G-d’s anger. G-d is coming to pay the wicked for their sins. Mount Seir, the home of Esau’s descendants, will reveal the blood of those whom they killed.

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