Isaiah – Chapter 25

Happy Simchas Torah

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Now Isaiah addresses G-d directly, saying that he will praise Him for His wonders and for the pact that He made with Abraham.

G-d has conquered mighty enemies for their evil deeds, their cities never to be rebuilt. The powerful nations will honor G-d, Who sheltered Israel in their times of distress. G-d will humble the large number of Israel’s detractors; people will rejoice when the dictators are deposed. Those nations who take up arms against Israel, thinking it will be an easy conquest, will be sadly disappointed. G-d will destroy the protection of the aggressors. He will remove death from Israel. (Radak clarifies that this refers to death caused by the enemies, not that G-d will remove all death.) G-d will wipe away the tears and the shame caused by Israel’s oppressors. On that day, the Jews will say, “This is our G-d, upon Whom we relied to save us… let us rejoice in His salvation!” (This verse is said as part of Atoh Horaiso on Simchas Torah. It’s the one that starts, “V’amar bayom hahu…”)

G-d will reveal His presence on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; the nation of Moav will be tread upon like straw. G-d will spread out His hands and put the arrogant in their place. G-d will bring down Moav, bringing their towers to the ground.

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