I Samuel – Chapter 3

Go Back to Sleep!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

One night, G-d called to Shmuel. Shmuel wasn’t training to be a prophet, so he didn’t know what he was hearing. He assumed it was Eli calling him. Eli said, “I didn’t call you” and sent Shmuel back to bed. G-d called a second time; once again, Shmuel ran to Eli, who again dismissed him. The third time this happened, Eli realized what was going on and he instructed Shmuel how to answer.

G-d told Shmuel that He was going to fulfill the curse against Eli’s family. Shmuel was hesitant to tell this to Eli, but Eli said, “So may G-d do to you if you withhold any detail from me,” so Shmuel felt compelled to tell him all. To his credit, Eli accepted G-d’s judgment as just. Meanwhile, Shmuel acquired his reputation as a prophet.

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