Hosea – Chapter 6

Let's Know G-d

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Hoshea says, “Let us return to G-d. He has wounded us and He will heal us. He will refresh us from the two Temples that were destroyed and will establish the third so that we may live before Him. Let’s all agree to know G-d as surely as we know that the sun will rise in the morning. He will be to us like rain to the earth.”

What can be done to heal Ephraim and Judah, the two Jewish nations, whose merits have proven fleeting? G-d sent prophets to correct them, but the people refused to listen. The people will perish for disobeying G-d’s word. G-d wants real, substantive acts of kindness from people. He wants them to know Him. These things mean more to Him than sacrifices.

Like Adam, the people violated G-d’s instructions. The northern kingdom of Israel is full of violent people. Even groups of priests gather together to commit premeditated acts of violence. There’s also idolatry going on there. The kingdom of Judah also sinned and there is a time designated to punish them for turning their backs on G-d.

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