Ezekiel – Chapter 6

Ain't No Mountain High Enough (To Keep Me From Getting to You!)

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d instructed Ezekiel to prophesy regarding the mountains of Israel. G-d will bring a sword to the mountains and the valleys, destroying the altars of idolatry that had been erected there. The altars and idols will be broken. The corpses of their worshippers will be cast before the idols and their bones will be scattered in front of the altars. All the cities will be ruined, their altars and idols destroyed, and the deeds of the inhabitants forgotten. When G-d destroys the idolators, it will be obvious that it came from Him.

G-d will allow a remnant to survive, so that Jews will be scattered among the nations. They will remember G-d in the nations where they are exiled, and how He was “pained” by the way the Jews strayed from Him. They will understand that G-d did not allow this to happen for no reason.

Ezekiel was then instructed to pound his hands and stamp his feet as a sign of mourning for the evil that would happen to Israel. Those who are far will fall by plague; those who are near, to the sword. Those who remain will die by famine. They will understand that G-d did this when corpses fall before the idols that litter the land. G-d will lay waste throughout the land so that they will know it came from Him.

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