Ezekiel – Chapter 30

G-d Breaks Pharaoh’s Arms

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d spoke to Ezekiel and said that the prophet should proclaim that the day of destruction is near. When it comes, the day will be cloudy and dark for Egypt because of all their troubles. The sword will come to Egypt and they will tremble in Cush (Ethiopia) when they hear what has happened. Cush and all the other allies of Egypt will fall along with them. Their cities will be the most desolate of all the ruined cities. Everyone will be able to see that it was G-d Who set the fire against Egypt and her allies. He will send legions to shake Cush out of her complacency. G-d says that He is sending Nebuchadnezzar to dismantle Egypt. He will make the rivers dry and deliver them into the hands of their enemies.

G-d says that He will destroy the idols and remove them from the city of Nof; there will no longer be a world leader from Egypt. G-d will execute judgment against all the idolatrous centers in Egypt. Their young men will fall to the sword and be taken into captivity. Darkness will fall early in Egypt when G-d breaks whatever remaining hold she has over other nations. A cloud will cover her and her daughters will go into slavery.

G-d spoke to Ezekiel and told him to say that He has broken the arm of Pharaoh. It was not mended, so that he is no longer able to hold his sword with it. Now G-d is coming against Pharaoh to break both his arms, both the strong one and the one previously broken, and He will cause Pharaoh to drop his sword. The Egyptians will be scattered among the nations and dispersed throughout the lands. G-d will strengthen Nebuchadnezzar and give him the sword when he breaks the arms of Pharaoh. G-d will support the arms of Nebuchadnezzar just as He breaks the arms of Pharaoh. G-d will give Nebuchadnezzar the sword, which he will stretch out over Egypt. The Egyptians will be scattered and everyone will know that this is from G-d.

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