Ezekiel – Chapter 2

"On Your Feet!"

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d spoke to Ezekiel, using the special name “Ben Adam,” “Son of Man,” possibly because of Ezekiel’s encounter with the Merkava (in the previous chapter). “On your feet,” He said. Ezekiel felt the spirit of prophecy rest upon him and he arose.

G-d told Ezekiel that He was sending him to Israel, who had proven themselves a stubborn and rebellious people. Ezekiel was to tell them that he speaks in the Name of G-d. Whether or not they choose to heed, at least they will know that G-d sent them a prophet. Ezekiel was told to have no fear, for the people would not harm him, though the people could be compared to thorns and to scorpions. Speak to them even if they don’t listen, since they are the epitome of rebellion!

Ezekiel was told that he was not to be rebellious himself, by resisting his mission, as many prophets tried to do. He was to open his mouth and eat what G-d gives him. Then a hand came forth and gave Ezekiel a scroll, written on both sides with tales of mourning and woe. (Does Ezekiel actually eat the scroll? We’ll find out in the next chapter.)

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