Amos – Chapter 6

Now You Know How It Feels

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Amos says woe to those who are comfortable and complacent in the capital cities of Judah and Israel. They are unmoved by the plight of their brethren, but it will soon come for them. Go look at the other nations and see if they have things any better. They don’t, so why do you leave G-d to follow their ways? Your evil ways are just bringing payback time closer. The people indulge in every luxury and physical pleasure. They listen to musicians, whom they liken to the instruments of David. But David’s music was to serve G-d and they are only entertaining themselves! They are so comfortable with their riches that they feel nothing for those who have already fallen. They will be the first to go among the exiles.

G-d has sworn by Himself that He will deliver Jerusalem into enemy hands. If any group manages to escape the sword, they will fall to the plague. Those who come to remove the corpses for burial will find no survivors; this is because the victims failed to recognize G-d.

When G-d commands it, the enemy will shatter Israel into splinters. The kingdom of the Ten Tribes will be broken and scattered even worse than the smaller kingdom of Judah. It’s not natural for a horse to run on rocks or for a person to plow them. Similarly, injustice is not natural and people pervert the world when they take bribes or favor the powerful in judgment. Those with wealth and means use them to oppress those without. G-d will send another nation to show them how it feels to be oppressed.

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