Yiras Shomayim and the various yetzer haras of life

Shiur #46 in Rav Aharon Kahn’s Hashkafah Series Based on Mishlei with Biur HaGra.

Content Description: Mishlei verse 3:7. Rav Amram Chasida’s destruction of his own reputation to avoid sin. Discussion of a person’s reflexive self-justification. The effect of money or success on one’s values. Connection between yiras shomayim and middos. The need for si’yata dish’ma-ya in spiritual matters.

Citations: Besides the commentaries related to Mishlei, the following sources are also referenced in this shiur: Medrash Breishis Rabbah, parshah 44, found in the source packets on page 1, and Tehillim 5:12,13 with Rashi, found in the source packets on page 1.

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