Procrastination in Halacha and Hashkafah

Shiur #83 in Rav Aharon Kahn’s Hashkafah Series Based on Mishlei with Biur HaGra.

Content Description: Mishlei verse 3:28. Taking advantage of moments of inspiration and making sure they become materialized. Requirement to pay a worker, and a lender, on time. Discussion of the relationship of the prohibition MiDivrei Sofrim of “Lech VaShuv”, to the Biblical prohibition of “Lo Salin Pe’ulas Sachir.” Lo Salin is a halacha of paying in a prompt manner. Lech VaShuv is a halacha of oshek – you are illegally holding the other’s money, it is a violation of theft. Lo Salin is not yet a halacha of theft – you fully intend to pay later. The danger of a worldview whose structure is based upon delaying learning Torah.

Citations: Besides the commentaries related to Mishlei, the following sources are also referenced in this shiur: Sefer Magen Avos leHaRashbatz 2:4, found in the source packets on pages 1-2, and Pele Yo’etz, erech d’chiah, found in the source packets on pages 2-3.

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