More on Bitachon and Hishtadlus

Shiur #42 in Rav Aharon Kahn’s Hashkafah Series Based on Mishlei with Biur HaGra.

Content Description: Mishlei verses 3:3 and 3:5. More on bitachon. Balance in parnassa endeavors. Supporting Torah financially. The bracha of “al ha-tsadikim” is a request that Hashem should provide for the botayach. Insights into the structure of Hallel, and its reflection of various levels of bitachon. Har Tzvi’s novel interpretation of “retzon yeray-av ya’aseh… .” Discussion of the coexistence of chesed and emess in the 13 middos ha-rachamim.

Citations: Besides the commentaries related to Mishlei, the following sources are also referenced in this shiur: Ksav Sofer al Breishis 27:28, found in the source packets on page 1, and Teshuvas Maharil #14, found in the source packets on pages 1-2, and Teshuvas Har Tzvi Orach Chaim I, #1, found in the source packets on page 3, and gemara Rosh HaShana 17b, found in the source packets on page 4.

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