Melachim Beis Perek 6

In the sixth chapter of Melachim Beis, the nation of Aram was at war with Bnei Yisrael. One morning Elisha got up very early as usual and found an enormous Aramean army, with thousands of horses and chariots, surrounding the city. His attendant became scared and said, ‘Alas my Master! What shall we do?’ Elisha responded by telling his attendant ‘Do not fear, for those who are with us are more numerous than those who are with them.’

Elisha then prayed to Hashem: ‘Please open his (the attendant’s) eyes, and let him see (the many horses and chariots protecting them)’. The Abarbanel, Ralbag, and Metzudas David tell us a profound idea. Elisha merely prayed for his attendant’s eyes to be opened so that he would not be afraid and cause the city’s inhabitants to call out and reveal Elisha’s whereabouts. ‘Elisha did not pray for fiery horses and chariots. He knew that Hashem would help him.’ Perhaps we can gain a message from this episode.

In this time of difficulty, Elisha had no doubt that Hashem would help him. Elisha was clearly not afraid that a huge army was surrounding and seeking to seize him, for he believed with absolute certainty that Hashem would save him. Similarly, the Talmud says ‘Da lifnei mi ata omed… know before whom you stand’. It does not say ‘think’, it does not even say ‘believe’. We have an obligation to know that Hashem is with us every single second of the day. If this realization is mastered, then when faced with a most difficult distressing or stressful situation, we will be able to maintain our calm and have absolute unwavering faith in the One Above to help us through it.

In every situation we find ourselves in, Hashem is guiding us. As long as we have confidence in Hashem’s capabilities to provide us with the assistance needed, and as long as we believe that we are worthy of asking for and receiving Hashem’s aid, we should have no doubts that Hashem has heard our prayers and is doing what is best for us. If we would be cognizant that everything is in Hashem’s hands, we could avoid an enormous amount of needless worry and anxiety!

One of the keys to davening with absolute certainty is to have a strong sense of self-worth. Knowing that Hashem loves us and values us as one of his children will enable us to preserve a strong sense of trust when the going gets tough. Praying to Hashem asserts the belief that we matter enough to Hashem that He will fulfill our requests. Genuinely believing that Hashem wants to help us will enable our relationship with Him to be infinite.