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Zechariah #15 (Chapter 9)
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Zechariah describes his vision of Gog uMagog as a double message. According to the Malbim it is double because it has two possible applications – during Bayit Sheni or at the end of the current exile. Delivered at the OU Israel Center, July 22nd, 2019, 19 Tammuz 5779 Sponsored by Dov and Elayne Greenstone in […]
Zechariah #14 (Chapter 9)
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Why did the Jews ask Zechariah if they should fast on Tisha B’Av while Bayit Sheni was rebuilt – what led them to question whether they were experiencing the final redemption? This interaction is the introduction to several messianic/pre-messianic prophecies. The symbolism of Mashiach arriving on a donkey rather than on a horse (which is […]