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Isaiah 11:6
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The Radak presents two ways this verse can be understood. The first is literally, that in the Messianic era G-d will change the nature of carnivorous animals so that they become herbivores. There is actually precedent for this from the time of Noah. After all, what did the lions and wolves eat during their year […]
Psalms 118:4
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This verse is recited as part of Hallel following verses saying that Israel and “the house of Aaron” (i.e., the kohanim) will acknowledge that G-d’s kindness is eternal. Who, specifically, are these people who fear Hashem? Rashi on this verse says that the ones who fear Hashem are the Levites. In Exodus 32:26, during the […]
Genesis 1:1
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Welcome to One+One – one pasuk with one peirush from all over Tanach! For our first installment, where better to begin than with the first Rashi on the first verse in the first Book of Tanach? Rashi cites the Midrash asking why the Torah starts with the creation account – wouldn’t it make more sense […]