What’s The OU’s Taryag?

In this project, we intend to review the 613 commandments in clear, modern terminology via a daily email (weekdays only, excepting holidays). We hope to present all 613 mitzvos in the order in which they appear in the Torah, along with our understanding of their reasons. (See the article “Reasons vs. Lessons.”
) We will indicate where, when and to whom different mitzvos apply, identify where the mitzvos are discussed in the Talmud and Shulchan Aruch, and hopefully provide other relevant information.

While the primary delivery system for this project will be via email, the analyses of the mitzvos will be posted on this site for the benefit of latecomers and to facilitate future review. The emails will only include the descriptions of the mitzvos themselves; we hope to post additional, supplemental material on this site, so subscribers are encouraged to visit from time to time.

Questions? Contact us at taryag@ou.org!