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Sefirat HaOmer and Shavuot (Mitzvot 306-307)
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Why do we call the holiday Shavuot? Why do Chazal refer to it as Atzeret? Why is there no specific mitzvah associated with Shavuot (aside from the Shtei HaLechem)? The essence of Sefirat HaOmer according to the Chinuch is to express our excitement about receiving the Torah which was the purpose of the Exodus. The […]
Who Cannot Testify in Beit Din (Mitzvah 75)
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(לא תשא שמע שוא תשת ידך עם רשע להיות עד חמס” (שמות כג:א” The Torah prohibits individuals from giving testimony if they are a sinner (listed in the Mishna in Sanhedrin 3:3). What are the deeper concerns in allowing someone who is a “בעל עבירה” from giving testimony? Why aren’t we only concerned with whether […]