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Do Not Curse Judges, God, and Kings (Mitzvot 69-71, 231)
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(אלוקים לא תקלל ונשיא בעמך לא תאור” (שמות כב:כז” (לא תקלל חרש”  (ויקרא יט:יד” Is the first half of the verse referring to cursing God or a judge? The Sefer HaChinuch lists both. When the Torah lists a punishment, it also separately provides a warning. When you use God’s name in vain or to curse […]
Loans to the Poor – part two (Mitzvot 66-68)
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Watch part one When someone approaches you asking for tzedakah, to what extent do you need to check to make sure it’s legitimate? The Rambam holds there is an obligation to check which means, practically that it’s best to give tzedakah through an organization since it can more efficiently check the person’s legitimacy. A poor […]
Loans to the Poor – part one (Mitzvot 66-68)
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The laws of tzedakah do not appear as a mitzvah in the Torah but are derived from either the mitzvah to lend to the poor or maaser ani. Tzedakah was built into the agricultural mitzvot (Peah, Maaser, etc.). Only after the shift from an agricultural-based society do we see codification of the laws of charity. […]