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603. Zachor: The obligation to remember what Amalek did
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As described in the Torah (Exodus chapter 17), Amalek attacked the Jews when they left Egypt. They ambushed the weakest members of the nation, who were straggling behind because of exhaustion and hunger. This wasn’t just an attack on the Jews, it was an attack on God Himself. The repercussions of this event go far […]
599. It’s Gotta Be the Shoe: The obligation to perform chalitzah
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The possibility exists that a brother-in-law and sister-in-law might not exactly be enamored of one another, with the result that the idea of yibum might be distasteful There was, however, an alternative: a shoe-removal ceremony called “chalitzah” (literally, “the shoe-removal ceremony”). In the chalitzah ceremony, the yevamah (the deceased’s widow) removes a special shoe from […]