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Friendly Recommendation
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Q. I’m a real estate agent. When I close a deal I often refer customers to a lawyer who is a friend of mine, even though many people already have a lawyer they work with. Is this acceptable conduct? A. If someone needs a lawyer there is certainly nothing wrong with providing them with valuable […]
Believe It or Not?
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Q. I received an email from an old acquaintance. He described in detail how he is being exploited by a certain individual and asked for my help in pressuring the individual to do him justice. Can I help my acquaintance out in this way? A. . It is certainly a wonderful deed to help a […]
Double Dipping?
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Q. My medical insurance covers a certain procedure. But I am also separately entitled to a discount from the provider. Can I collect the insurance and also the rebate? A. The topic of medical insurance is occupying a lot of people right now. Insurance in general is a wonderful financial product that enables us to […]