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Job Loyalty: How Far?
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Q. Our club has a paid secretary who has done an excellent job managing the club over a period of decades. However, we find that with age she is less able to fulfill her duties and would like to replace her. But we are worried that losing the job will affect her emotionally and financially. […]
Tzarich Iyun: Ga’al Yisrael
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Misconception:The modern-day practice of some shelichei tzibbur—communal prayer leaders—of ending the berachah of Ga’al Yisrael in a whisper is a requirement and has been around for generations. Fact: The practice of ending Ga’al Yisrael silently seems to have originated relatively recently. Prior to modern times, the shaliach tzibbur (sha”tz) would recite the entire berachah of […]