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26. Degrees of Prophecy
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Just as there are different types of prophecy, there are different degrees of intensity [II, 45]. However, while they are all degrees of prophecy, not all of these levels necessarily qualified one to be considered a prophet. The lowest two are merely steps on the way to attaining that status. (Sometimes such a person is […]
25. The Various Forms of Prophecy
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We have already said that prophecies were delivered through dreams and visions. When a prophet did receive a message, it could come in a variety of forms [II, 44]: It might be in the form of an allegory; The prophet might perceive God speaking to him, as in Isaiah 6:8 (“I heard the voice of […]
Not Just Kind
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An inspiring true story about Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky, Chief Rabbi of Vilna (1863-1940), told by Shlomo Horwitz of Jewish Crossroads. More info available at Produced by Chaim Kalish of BuildaFilm Studios.