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Reuben Hood
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Q. Is it ethical to steal from the rich to give to the poor? A. Many of us grew up with the romantic figure of Robin Hood, played by dashing actors from Douglas Fairbanks through Errol Flynn and right up to Russell Crowe. The audience cheers on Robin and his band as they succeed in […]
Tzarich Iyun: Sitting Shivah on Erev Shabbat
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Misconception: Aveilim (mourners) stop sitting shivah on erev Shabbat at noon. Fact: Private displays of mourning continue on Shabbat, while the public aspects of shivah cease shortly before Shabbat.[1] Background: For the first seven days following the burial of a first-degree relative (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or spouse), one observes a period of […]
Tzarich Iyun: The Sabra
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Misconception: The sabra, a symbol of a native-born Israeli, is indigenous to the desert areas of Israel. Fact: The sabra is native to the desert areas of Mexico and southern United States. Background: The sabra is known in Hebrew as tzabar,[1] in English, as the prickly pear or Indian fig. Scientifically, it is in the […]