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Fire When Ready?
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Q. I have a good worker but it just doesn’t pay me to keep him on. Do I have any obligations to keep him on beyond what it says in the contract? A. The secular laws on discharging workers vary widely. Many countries, and US states, have “employment at will”; in this regime, an employee […]
Don’t Hire Him!
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Q. My neighbor is thinking of hiring a certain workman, but I have heard many people have had a bad experience with this person. Am I allowed to relay this hearsay? A. There is a very basic problem with relating hearsay. The Torah commands, “Don’t go about as a talebearer among your people; don’t stand […]
The Angry Manager
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Q. My manager shouts, curses and uses bad words to make staff do what he wants them to do. Is this an acceptable way to get the job done? A. Managers use many different means to motivate workers; they use material incentives such as pay and perquisites, positive social incentives such as praise, promotions and […]