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1. Anthropomorphism of God in the Torah
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The articles in this series are based upon ideas expressed in the Rambam’s Moreh Nevuchim (The Guide for the Perplexed). Numbers in brackets represent the book and chapter of Moreh Nevuchim where these ideas are discussed. —————————- Anthropomorphism: attributing human form or human characteristics to something that is not human. Does God have hands? Does […]
Good Intentions, Bad Decisions
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The decisions we make in our lifetimes are usually motivated by harmless intentions. Few people do not really understand that harming someone else with his actions is repugnant. Sometimes we take a course of action with the specific intention of doing what we feel is right or correct. We do this with the best of […]
The Wickedness of “Live and Let Live”
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A visitor to Sodom seeking to purchase food would be told by the merchants, “keep your money (what’s yours is yours) and I will keep my food (and what is mine is mine)”… In a complex and difficult world, most people simply want to “tend to their own gardens” – to be left to take […]