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Sholom Aleichem
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Every Friday night, we sing a greeting to the “peaceful” malachim who arrive at our homes. Why are malachim there and why the emphasis on peace? Take Ten to find out.  
Vaccination and Rabbinic Authority: Part 2
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(Daas Torah part 4) Part one Part three Conspiracy theories and skepticism, negativity in some Orthodox circles against science and the anti-vaxxer movement. Very few people alive remember the serious toll measles and other infectious diseases took in previous generations. How these factors have affected the recent measles outbreaks. Should a person be compelled to […]
35. What Is the Purpose of the Universe?
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Intelligent people drive themselves crazy trying to figure out the purpose of creation. The Rambam proceeds to demonstrate how absurd the question is according to the various points of view regarding the origin of the universe (refer back to section 10). [III, 13] First, a few ground rules must be established. It should go without […]