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The Thicker the Darkness
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The Pasuk in Yirmiyah says that Hashem will always remember the great love He had for the Jewish people when they left Egypt and followed Him into the desert, not knowing how they were going to eat. Instead of complaining or worrying, they trusted that Hashem would take care of them. That service was so […]
3.9 Impediments to Perceiving God
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Chovos HaLevavos, Shaar HaBechinah chapter 6  ************************************ The contemplation of God through observing creation can be impeded by numerous things. In Shaar HaYichud chapter 10, Rabbeinu Bachaye lists several things that impede recognizing God’s unity. Among these are polytheism, idolatry, attributing a physical form to God, and following one’s lowly physical urges. (This is not […]